Catch Up, a photo recap!

I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve written!!

WTH, Liz?!?

I’d really like to say that I have been traveling or joined the circus with Bug (really, I’ve always wanted to join the circus!) or been rock-starring it, but I think I’m just a sleep deprived yoga momma of an almost two year old that has been fighting naps! So, I’ll just give y’all a photo recap of what’s up πŸ™‚ probably all things you may have seen on insta, but whatev’s!

A friend of mine sent me this version of my magazine photo and stars wars. I say I have some damn good balance πŸ˜‰

There are lots of time lapse videos up on insta, I’m having a blast doing them! This camel pose was from the day I got my SuperLoveTees, which I can’t stop wearing!!! I love them, they are sooooo soft!

Trains and coffee, although we aren’t taking as many photos at the coffee shop these days.

My little super hero! Ps, he totally loves to fly around going “zoom”

I love seeing the moon out in the day, she’s almost full!

A random heart in the cement found while having lunch with friends. Love is everywhere!

We’ve been on the paddle boards a lot lately, enjoying the beautiful weather! Summer always lingers long in Texas.

Rain dancing, as usual.

Love the smell after it rains, don’t you?

Austin was looking beautiful today.

Got some sweet henna love at a play date. I may miss these lovely gatherings when school starts!

Well you know what they say, you only
Love this life once!


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