The practice of letting go

In usual momma fashion, I started this post on Monday. Alas, like so many things in life right now, I just couldn’t finish what I wanted to say… So it’s a few days late, but the sentiment is the same!

Today was the first day of school… Or not!

I had planned a great couple of hours so that it would fly by, bringing 1pm faster then I expected. Little did I know, Bug was not in sync with this plan. An hour into school, I got the call.

As a mom, you would think I’d be all on board and used to flying by the seat of my pants, alas I was really looking forward to spending a few hours alone. Or at least getting my hair cut and colored. And maybe a massage! It was not the kick off I was hoping for, but as in all of life, there is a lesson in everything. We are human and so expectations happen, we plan and map out things expecting things to go, well as planned. Yet, sometimes others or life have/has different plans, for us and definitely life with a toddler is the perfect example of the practice in letting go.

Our practice of yoga is all about this, but putting it into every day action can be a challenge. We want to be our best, we want things to go our way, we want…. But how often to we just be in the moment? Accepting what is and what is right in front of us? Sure, it’s great to plan and work towards something better, but there has to be some space for the universe/god’s plan to work too.

The practice of letting go is difficult, just like the practice of yoga is full of challenges, letting go is all about practice! Here are a couple ways to work on letting go:

1) write out whatever it is that you are ready to let go of (a negative thought, a person who is draining your energy, etc) and light that shit on fire. Literally! In the sink of course, but it will definitely make you feel good.
2) not sure what to let go of? Sit still and breathe. Focus more on your exhale and make the exhale longer. Using the exhale to purge your body of stale air, but also that longer exhale clicks in your brain to soften the body and relax the mind.
3) one of my favorite ways to let go is go swimming! Bodies of water are great for clearing energy as well as water just soothing any frazzled ends. This is my favorite way to literally wash away anything I’m ready to get rid of šŸ™‚

I’d love to hear your ideas for letting go, what has worked for you and what hasn’t. Yoga mommas or not, we all deal with letting shit go! šŸ™‚




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