Confidence vs Ego

This is one of those fine lines that boggle me, maybe not so much boggle me, but perhaps better put that for me it’s a tight rope walk!

I know the difference between knowing my value and thinking I’m better than others, but there are times when I say “I’m fucking awesome” that I question if my ego is involved! With the magazine article and wanderlust time slot, I am feeling top of the world, like there is nothing I can’t do. Confidence is grand, but the yogis battle of keeping the ego (the I, me, mine) in check is a valid point.

It is important to be confident as a teacher, as a momma, as a human! It’s also important to be aware of your actions, your thoughts, and how that confidence affects others. I know I’m not better than anyone else, but I AM the best version of myself 🙂 how do you keep your ego in check? Do you tight rope walk the fine line between confidence and ego?


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