The Secret Life of a Yoga Mama

I hate to share this, but life as a yoga isn’t all glamorous and easy as one may think. There is a lot less wanderlusting and traveling and handstanding, think more tree pose and warrior 3. Finding balance between two opposing forces. There’s family life and then there is teaching yoga life. Sure, there is a HUGE space that both occupy, but let’s be honest, I won’t be traveling all over the country (or the globe) with Bug in tow teaching to the masses. Sure, some teachers can do it. Sure, there are famous teachers who tote their kiddos (young and older) with them or let them be with their other parent while bringing yoga to the people! I’m not one. And even more so, there are a lot more teachers who aren’t than are, we just happen to be less in the spotlight.

Here’s a little glimpse of what a teaching day looks like:

5-7am: Some where in there is a wake up, by the small person. If i had it my way, I’d still be asleep 😉 There is usually coffee and trains somewhere in there. A little yoga, but mostly snuggles and trains.
7am: Feed the dogs, take them out, make breakfast. If i’m lucky, i can get a few poses in.
8am: more coffee at the coffee shop around the corner. Sadly, some days this is the only socialization I get until teaching.
9am: park, swimming, play date, or a new addition to our week, SCHOOL. This usually lasts until noon. Full attention on the kiddo is a must! He wants me to be involved. School, well that is a slow progress for both of us. He doesn’t love it and I am slowly getting comfortable with committing to doing something while he is there. Eventually, I will hopefully add a yoga class in there, but for now I’ll stick to activities I can leave.
12 noon: lunch, usually a quick snack for me and him. He’s not much of an water that one!
1pm: nap or not, I get a quick practice in and map out music and what I will teach that night. Maybe work in getting a quick blog post out!
3pm: if no nap, then he goes down now. If he took one, he’s waking up. Sigh, so is the life of a yoga mama! Always a balance.
4pm-7pm: play, dinner, bath, read, leave. It’s not always in the order, but we do all these things before I run out the door at 7:15 to head to the studio. It’s not always easy, but now that he’s gotten used to me teaching, he pushes me out the door!
7:30pm get to the studio, take a deep breath. Teach , close up shop, and get home just after 10pm. Sigh! The yoga fire is amazing, so is the momma love, but by 10:30pm I am done!!!

Of course this isn’t every day, some days it’s working on an article, other days it’s just about getting some sleep myself. Each day is different, but I can tell you, I’m not plotting far off travel or my next festival (I’m lucky Wanderlust is here locally, otherwise it would be a while before I could get to one). I’m more likely to be planning vegan treats for the next play date or snacks for restorative. I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

Ps, I’m hoping to keep this as a regular post. Maybe adding in other yoga mamas and what they are up to, when not trying to balance it all!


2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of a Yoga Mama

  1. i’m glad i ran across this post of yours from last year. your schedule looks a lot like mine now. i need to work more on the being present with my child part though. trying to make a living as a teacher means more time on my computer and trying to network and brainstorm ideas and put them into action. bear shark comes over and tries to close my computer or bang on the keys. *sigh* thanks for putting this out there as i can definitely relate!

    1. It’s hard balancing. Especially since as a teacher you are always promoting and in some ways “working”. With Brolly being tiny, I’m trying to remember to not be on phone “working” when he is in my arms. I don’t want him getting any vibes that he is less important than what I am working on. Bug too, tells me “no more phone time! Let’s play!”

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