Happy Autumn Friends!

There is something fabulous about the change in season, particularly the equinoxes. These times of balancing light and dark can spark changes within us and around, not always something we want, but as they say “onward and upward!”

Whether you are celebrating the spring or the fall, today is one of those days that reminds you how beautiful life is day or night. The shift today is minor in weather, maybe a cooling down or a warming up, but really it’s been happening for weeks. Subtle changes are always happening around us, to us and it’s our choice to notice them or not. Just like those subtle changes within us as we grow up or when we practice for a long time, the subtleties can go unnoticed until all of a sudden we look in the mirror and see we have aged or notice that all the time practicing forward fold we can now touch our toes. Changing season is just like that, one day we just notice that it is now getting darker (or lighter) at 7:30pm.

How will you celebrate this change? Do you celebrate change? I suggest some champagne or watching the sunset or doing some sweet star gazing tonight, just to remember that we are all connected! Happy season/day of change, may you embrace it!




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