Trips around the sun

It’s that time of year for me, in a couple weeks it will be Bug’s second birthday (holy crap!!) and in just about a month I’ll be turning 36 (I know, I know). I love birthdays, I love my birthday. It kinda sets off the holidays for me!

This cycle around the sun has gone by so fast and has been mostly spent being a mom (which IS fabulous), but for my 36th year of life I think it’s time for growth and balance. I have noticed that as Bug grows, I too need to grow and change with him. The balance will come between being a mom, being a yoga teacher, being present, being a planner, and being ME (some where in there too).

Over the next month, I’m looking forward to making some changes (it’s fall and I have to say I’m really feeling the need to shed some leaves/let go of some stuff that doesn’t serve) like what I’m eating, how much I’m moving, how much I’m reading or spending time in nature!! Cha-cha-changes!!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday! Have any birthday rituals? I’ll share mine in another post!



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