September 25… The start

From now until October 24, I’ll be blogging every day. Mostly about stuff that I’m working on before I turn… Well, 36.


Today, Bug and I went on a hike and explored some river beds (throwing rocks, collecting treasures, and having a good time getting dirty.) which was a blast for both of us. So the first step is spend an hour (at least) in nature every day and slowly get comfortable with disconnecting from my phone.

It started when Bug was born, checking Facebook, Instagram, and news outlets to stay in touch with the world that was passing by as I nursed Bug, was up half the nights, and tried to take care of myself the best I could. It didn’t stop as Bug grew bigger, my phone keeps me linked to my momma group, my yogi friends, and helping me promote myself as a teacher. It’s time to disconnect and have a little separation from my phone.

So our nature walks will include one photo and then everything else can be in hold!! Nothing is so important that it can’t wait until after we enjoy our reconnection to Mother Earth. So for the next 30 days, I’ll be outside for an hour every day and work on reconnecting to nature.

IMG_1431.JPG what was that they say… Walk tall, carry a big stick?


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