Beauty every where

I’m finding my outdoor time lovely (as is my time off line), my staying hydrated tough (but herbal teas may be the answer), reading easygoing, and today I watched the sunrise on the patio.

Day four is watch the sunrise or sunset every day. It’s always on my to do list, for some reason I’ve always found it very important to my day to day. Some days I lose sight of my reasoning behind it, but it is so important for me to find beauty every day and chasing after this boy some times gets a little ugly.

Sunrises are a great reminder that you are alive, that you woke up, even if the reason you woke up was a small person chanting “mom, mom. Down down, mom, mom!” Sunsets are a great chance to give thanks for your day, the good/bad/ugly and know that you still have time to make your day great. Both give you chances to be thankful!! And damn, I need to be more thankful who doesn’t 🙂

I’ll be sure to post a phot of the sunset on Instagram, but you should watch it yourself!!


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