Good times, Bad Times, we’ve all had our share

Fuck it! (Sorry no warning) That was my motto yesterday! It was a bad/tough/challenging/wish I could have stayed in bed kinda day. No details are needed, but let me tell you my plans were foiled.

I did nothing to refill my cup (except maybe sip some water and partially enjoyed coffee), at least not enough to keep the challenged in perspective. My goal for yesterday was to add writing every day to the “list”. Ironically, yesterday was the ONLY day I haven’t written, not even in my journal!

This morning I woke with fresh eyes, a good attitude, and a chance to enjoy some much needed me time. I drank some coffee at the coffee shop, talked Ebola with other adults, did some yoga (wept like a baby), and spent time outside (sitting on a park bench) watching life pass by. Today was like a reset after yesterday’s disaster. While today isn’t “perfect” as of right now it might be as close as I can get.

Today’s challenge is to make more of a routine… Which for me IS a HUGE challenge!! I’m so very fly by the seat of my pants, but I know Bug and I will both benefit from more of a routine. While today was far from “routine”, except Bug went to school, I am starting to grasp the effort this will take. Possibly setting “alarms” to make lunch so we can eat by a certain time, get out of the house by, or separate time from each other.

Writing and routine, sounds like my days will be chilling out even more!!!

How do you do routine? Anything you HAVE to do every day? Like yoga šŸ˜‰
23 days left, 11 days til Bugs bday, 24 until mine!



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