There are 19 days until my birthday. This weekend was a blast, Austin City Limits was both calm and a whirlwind :) Bug has a great time for the brief stint he played at the festival, I enjoyed a afternoon of music solo. All in all the family had a great time! Today is all about catching up, getting back on track for taking over the yoga world, and taking care of me and bug :) today ays also start my journey on the Whole30 path, I’m working to be sugar-free by my birthday. As some of you may know, I take good care of myself, but since being pregnant I’ve created a few unhealthy habits. Like my nightly bowl of cereal :( I know they say to not plan on cheating or it defeats the purpose of doing 30 days, but my bday lands in 19 days. I can honestly say that champagne will be had, even if it’s just a sip. Mostly, I am hoping to reset my body and get a little clearer in my head. Have you done the Whole 30? Any recipes you loved? I’ll be sure to post photos and love soon! xo, liz


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