Fall, Coffee, and poses that just feel good!

My how the time flies! Bug is now two years old and in just over a week, it’ll be my turn to celebrate. My intention of making (what seemed to me) small changes daily ended up being tougher than I thought and a lot more than I could really take on. After all, we are in mercury retrograde, fall is a time to really slow down too, and I truly how much can one lady take on! So I am embracing Fall, well except for all the pumpkin flavored crap, as a time to slow down, to purge what isn’t needed, and to work on being outside in nature daily/drinking more water/finding stillness/unplugging more often. Recently, I have been drinking a lot of coffee! Sadly, that also coincides with my lack of sleeping, especially around the 4am hour… lesson learned Universe, be careful what you ask for (“I’ve always wanted to be the yoga mama who gets up before the sunrises to practice”…. insert foot into mouth!), because the Universe is fucking listening!!!


And now… some poses that feel good and totally helpful for the fall season change!

Bridge pose: you don’t have to take the fancy mudra, this pose will help keep the heart open and engage your feet/legs/first chakra 😉
Downward facing Dog: Ok, you don’t have to do this pose in the park with a friend, but taking a down-dog time out is a great way to refresh the brain and change your perspective!
Wheel pose: you CAN stick with bridge pose, but if you feel inspired for a bit of a challenge wheel can give that to you! Plus this pose is a great reminder that you have an open heart and that you are STRONGER than you know!
Cow Face Pose with Eagle Arms: ok, so this maybe a little Dr Moreau-esque, but combining these two poses can really bring some good relief to the joints (once released) and also access the hips and shoulder tension (which believe it or not, CAN mimic each other)

Revolved Twist: squeeze out the remnants of the “good times” summer held with a few good twists!! Sure, those late nights were fun (heck watching the sunrise without going to bed was amazing too… especially when you’re staying up with a toddler all night 😉  ), but what’s also fun? A healthy body! So “let’s twist again, like we did last summer” to help our body detox!

What are the poses you like to take as the weather gets chilly and the days get shorter?

thanks for listening/reading my babble. I promise to sound a little more coherent tomorrow




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