Today feels like magic!

it feels like there is something brewing, like shit is just about to happen. Like we are/I am on the brink of something, something big. I woIMG_2893n’t lie to you, I’m at the kitchen table eating and half writing (half thinking about getting this post done so I can finish the last 50 pages of Gone Girl before Bug wakes up.), but even half writing I can feel the afternoon is still heavy with promise. With hope. With possibility. The time of the Scorpio is near and maybe that is what is making me feel this way.

you know I’m far from the expert in astrology or what is *really* happening out there! I’m far too concerned with keeping my head above water, staying balanced the best I can, and being a fun yoga mama, so believe me when I say THE TIME HAS COME 🙂

this morning I picked up a writing project I had put on hold. I don’t know why I picked it up or even what made me think about it, but I just KNEW I needed to work on it today. I know now that I will finish it this year, that I will find the illustrator I need, and that the yoga mama book will be. It’s amazing how our priorities change, but have faith in life (the universe, god, goddess, whatever you want to call it) because it will support you!  If you have no clue aso what I’m talking about, I’m sorry. The only way I can describe today is I just woke up ready to take on the world and the world finally said “sure, why the fuck not!”

And friends, I am ready 😉

Want to feel top of the world too?

Try a little Tree Pose! I swear this pose makes me feel majestic and strong while at the same time balanced and graceful. Give it a try 😉



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