Yoga, yoga, yoga

“Our practice is the practice of connection. As we breathe into a posture, we bring it all together -our understanding of the problem (we do not understand who we are), our understanding of the problem (open attention in the present will reveal the truth), nonviolence, devotion, dedication without attachment. All of these principles swirl around us as we breathe into the postures of our life. Our practice is to be present so that we can make the connection between the moment we are in now and right actions as it is defined by our life philosophy.” – Rolf Gates

This beautiful segment of “Meditations from the Mat” has stuck with me a lot over the last few weeks. I’ve read it in class, I have read it to myself over and over again, and it is something that seems to keep getting deeper and deeper for me. We are all seeking connection, whether it be a connection to other people or a deeper connection to ourselve, when we bring this search to the mat we often find both. We find a community that supports our exploration and within our exploration we discover the self connection and that was what we really craved all along.  Connection, so simple, yet so needed!

what do you think of when you see this quote? How do you find connection with others? With yourself?


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