Taking a time out

How do you stay centered? How do you find focus amongst the chaos that is life?

The ONE good thing about switching back to standard time (Fall Back) is that I can wake up at 6am and still feel like it’s 7am. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy that bit of quiet time, to be up before everyone else is (surprise i know!!! Kiddo is sleeping in until 7am) and breathe. enjoy coffee. And take a time out before my day even starts. With Bug in school these days, I find myself taking more of these little “pauses” in my day. I close my eyes, take a few slow breaths and carry on with my day. It’s these moments of bliss, it’s these pauses that help me keep on track. I know I get to enjoy my mornings to myself while Bug is in school, but just like someone who works 40 hours a week when the free time comes, it’s all about trying to get as much done as possible! There’s lots of meeting with friends, plotting and planning, texting friends who are out of town and connecting with others, and housework (geez-us there is so much laundry!!! WTF?!?!?), that “free time” just flies. Making it even more important to pause, enjoy a moment, and carry on!

Do you pause? Maybe meditate? How do you make peace/find peace in your day?




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