Wanderlusting was fun… NOW it’s time for real life!


This weekend was amazing, four days of Wanderlust Festival Austin and it was filled with meeting new friends, playing with old friends, teaching yoga on a boat, and gratitude for all the people who taught me. There was amazing practices, breathing together as one being, and some bliss that felt as if it would never fade. Until I came home to that sweet little toddler boy, who has started to scream for no reason, who shattered that blissful peace that I swore I could have lived in. IMG_3805Festivals and workshops are amazingly transformative, they allow us to move through the shit and discover more about ourselves, but they are just the catalyst! Those yoga bubbles (festivals, workshops, hell even the studio) just show a little insight into all that is possible for us, but the next step is carrying that with us, through out our lives, in the day to day, and live our practice off the mat!

IMG_3701This weekend, I learned a lot about myself: what I am capable of doing in my practice (holy shoulder tightness, sooooo many chatarungas), I heard words that i speak often in my classes come through someone else’s mouth, and I discovered that while it is amazing to do a weekend of yoga (teaching, taking, or both) if you can’t bring it home, then it means squat! Carrying the savasana peace to your Monday morning at the office, at home, anywhere, that peace can’t end when you walk out the door. The flow practice doesn’t end when the sun salutations do, our yoga carries on with us and if we can carry the gift of being present from the mat into the rest of our days, we can see that the flow never ends! That we are constantly in the flow, that we move with our breath ALL the time. Even when the reality of life hits us with loud kiddos, bills to pay, work, or that big pile of laundry that needs to be folded, yoga is in it all!


How are you carrying your practice with you today?


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