How to hang onto that festival feeling!

Loved my experience teaching Yoga on a Boat with these amazing ladies!
Loved my experience teaching Yoga on a Boat with these amazing ladies!

I know that many of you aren’t here in Austin and even if you, you may not have gone to Wanderlust, but believe it or not, this will apply to you, too!

So wanderlust is over and life is kicking back in. Your flash tattoos are fading, but you find yourself still walking around chanting Ong namo guru Devi namo, just to feel that connection.

As the great Dr. Suess said “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!”

You don’t have to let the experience fade or the connection to dissolve or let that community feeling leave, instead you can carry your wanderlust experience in your heart with you in all you do!!

Write it down!!
Have you journaled or written about your experience yet? Have you written down phrases you loved, experiences in poses you had never had, or maybe just printed a few photos from the weekend? Writing out your experience will not only allow you to relive the moment when you are writing it down, but you can also revisit your memory or your experience any time you want. Looking back through photos will also help you keep the feeling alive, as well as you can place a photos in places, like work or in your car to remind you of all that love!

Mala Intentions!
Maybe you rocked (or bought) a beautiful mala over the weekend, take one of the phrases or mantras that really called to you and place that intention into your mala!!! Placing your pointer finger and thumb on a bead while repeating the mantra or phrase before moving to the next and doing the same. Giving your mala all the love you felt during the festival will remind you of both the mantra/phrase that stuck with you, but will also fill you with that love every time you wear your mala!

Get Connected!
Miss those group hugs, holding hands on practice, or just the vibe of being with so many soul “sisters

Get thy booty to class!
Get thy booty to class!

and brothers”? Get out and meet up!! Call, text, email those people you exchanged numbers with, go practice with those local teachers you loved, or maybe you came from somewhere else so you just connect on Facebook or Twitter. Reaching out to those you shared practice with or found connection with is a great way to fill your heart with the joy you felt in practice. If a local teacher helped you rock a pose you couldn’t do before, try one of their regular classes to see if that is something that you can regularly fit it into your week! Connection is a great way to enjoy and relive the fun 🙂

Above all else, give yourself a big hug and give thanks! You got got to be a part of something bigger than you, you got to enjoy a scared space. Again, that Dr. She’s nailed it, when you start to feel sad it’s over, remember to smile because it happened 🙂

Of course, I’m writing this post WanderlustATX, but this really could apply to a retreat, a weekend workshop, or a YTT. Anything where you got to experience something unusually for your practice!

If you were at the festival this weekend, share your experience!! If you have other ideas about how to carry on that love and connection you felt post-festival, share them!!!

I’ll be sharing my joys and memories tomorrow with y’all!


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