Giving thanks!

Have you given thanks today? Tomorrow, whether you are sharing the day with a ton of family or just a few people, be sure to take a moment for yourself to say thanks! Thank you for who ever is there for you, for what ever fills you up, be thankful for your breath, for your life, for anything that makes you smile.

This practice of gratitude is what keeps bringing about the beauty we see in our lives. Ever notice that when you’re in a bad mood, all your see is the grey/the yuck in life? Same thing when you’re in love or things seem to be going your way, life shows you all the beauty. Rose colored glasses make everything beautiful!

For the month of December, I’m taking care to not take photos of my practice. Not that I don’t love sharing yoga with y’all, it’s just as we prep for the darkest night of the year I want to use the introspection. My asana practice is evolving, it’s involving and it is requiring me to focus more on me.

I mean, I will still be taking some photos while I’m on the islands, but I won’t be sharing them now. I’ll reserve it for January 😉

Hope y’all have a happy Thanksgiving and I’m so very thankful for you!


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