Time to Fly

Leaving on a jet plane…

With a toddler in tow!

Sure, it’s not the busiest time to travel, but I’m still a little concerned about keeping kiddo entertained for our travel (that is without having to buy a plane full of people booze!).

There will be some layover yoga consisting of twists, a backbend, and forward folds as well as washable crayons and coloring books, wrapped toy cars, and Legos. Worse case scenario there will be a stiff drink and iPad movies (the drink is for me of course!), best case is there is a good nap for Bug and staying hydrated for me.

Travel isn’t always fun for everyone, some people find take off or landing stressful, some people don’t like being trapped in a plane. Especially with a two year old 😉 Personally, I love traveling! And I love traveling with bug, he’s a trooper. If you are one of those people who hate traveling, here are a few ways to chill out!!
1) slow your breathing doooooowwwwnnnnn! Shortening your breath is only going to hype you up and put you in panic mode, so inhale. And exhale. Good!!
2) go to your happy place! Visualization can not only be a fun mental vacay, but can transfix you out of your bad juju. Perhaps you see yourself at the other end of your flight, happy as a clam on a beach.
3) hum, chant, sing! Ok it can be in your head, nobody wants to be that weird chick/dude in the plane. So maybe you do a few round of Om
Gan Ganapataye Namah (chanting to Ganesh, the remover of obstacles can’t be a bad thing!) or perhaps you favorite Rolling Stones or some other song you love (I’ve been known to distract myself with some “Ice Ice, baby” to see if I can still remember the lyrics). What ever you are ok with being stuck in your head for hours, sing it to yourself!
4) move when you can! A little twisting or other yoga moves in your chair is great. So is walking about the cabin when it’s safe. We all know that it’s hard to get a change of scenery on the plane, but moving your body is great no matter what!

If you love to fly, don’t forget these fun poses for on board entertainment or in the airport antics:
For some pre-flight yoga, cow face legs and eagle arms to flush your joints!

Down dog with your friends right before boarding or find some space in the back of the plane once you are cleared to get up (wall dog for those worried about putting your hands on the ground 😉 )

And if you want a challenge, try tree pose on board or as your “I have arrived” stance 😉


I’ll be rocking these and more on my
Journey!! Don’t worry, I’ll share some photo love with y’all 😉

And away we go…


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