Paradise, the 4 hour time difference, and sand!

Sunset on Maui


im slowly surviving off of very little sleep and trying to make sure that Bug doesn’t fully adjust to the Hawaiian time zone. Four hours is just enough to kill us when we get home!

it hardly feels like it is December, but there is just a few weeks left in

this year. I can’t help but think about all the adventures I want to take and the “mountains” I want to scale in 2015 while surrounded in beauty of the islands. Maui, to me, is a place where my heart and soul feel untethered, I feel wild and free here. Maybe it’s the year round warmth, possibly it is the ocean, but whenever I return to the islands, it feels like coming home. Which has made this the perfect trip to dig deep and allow myself to dream BIG.

i have made my full moon intentions and let go of some shit that just

doesn’t serve anymore, it is now time to remember the feeling of abundance (as I’m fucking surrounded by Palm trees, sunshine, and surf!) and make shit happen! “They” say that telling others your goals makes you accountable for getting that shit done… Soooooo:

1) edit, get illustrations for, and publish Mom/yoga book! 2015 is the year mama’s do more yoga 😉

2) add two new classes to my teaching schedule (at a new studio), one restorative and one vin/yin! I love teaching and I want to do more of what I love!

3) put together a retreat! While I am nervous to do one, it is that exact reason why I want to make it happen in 2015. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!!!!!!

4) write more yoga articles, yoga mama articles, articles articles 😉 more writing and blogging in 2015

5) create a yoga and writing continually online class. Maybe it’s a 4 week course, maybe six, but something that stokes the creative fires for y’all!

6) challenge myself more, learn more. I’m embarking on that journey right now and it is so good to keep learning, exploring, and digging deeper into what yoga is, not just the asana part either. Learning, discovering more about the other limbs and how I’m living them or where I need more work.

so there it is…. This is what is happening in my 2015 and by no means am I limiting myself to just this list! The world is my oyster and I plan on allowing the universe to just keep sending the good stuff my way 🙂

For the rest of my trip, I’ll be soaking up the sun and leaving my worries and fears wash away with the salty ocean water. After all, this is paradise even if sand gets everywhere 😝



Wheel Pose on the Lanai
Wheel Pose on the Lanai


Mama Yogi and wild hair
Mama Yogi and wild hair
Full Moon
Full Moon





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