Perspective, yoga, and some other stuff…

I’m currently writing from bed, looking out on the ocean… Life couldn’t be more perfect. Bug is nearly napping and I am just giving so much thanks for being here!! Maui is just about the perfect place for me, ocean, warmth, and lots of room to just chill out! Hawaii has that feel, sure you CAN do a lot while you’re here, but why! It’s nice to just relax and enjoy 😉

There is nothing like being in a beautiful place that makes you notice how wonderful life is!! I am fortunate to be here with my family on Maui for a whole week, I am lucky to have amazing friends who remind me that I am meant for awesomeness always, and I have an amazing job that allows me to travel AND I get to hold space for people to practice something I love (YOGA). Sure there are things that aren’t quite in line yet, but honestly who give a f*ck! What I do have is so wonderful and I couldn’t be more thankful! And even better, I have the power and control to go out and get whatever else I want or need. More money? Sure, I can work more and ask for raises. More love? Give more and I’ll receive more. More time? Well, less facebook or videos of cats doing yoga. Ok, maybe I can map out some cat yoga video time each week!!

All this perspective has made for some great yoga (and next time, I need to travel with a photographer, because seriously I SHINE here!!!) poses and play for me 🙂

Crow with bug, well kinda…

Teaching the siblings some boat pose

In just a few days, we will be heading home… It makes me a little sad, but part of me can’t wait to get home and back into my flow. I will also be embarking on a writing project that I often suggest to people who are feeling stuck or unsure of what they want, I’ll be taking 3 days to write about what my days will hold one year from now. Each day, I’ll write as if I am writing a journal entry for that day, really detailing out what my days will hold and be like, in a way creating my future by looking at what I want it to be. It’s a great activity any time you again feel stuck or like you are unsure of what you really want. I know that next year I want to offer more writing/yoga workshops, I just need to figure that out 😉

Well, I’m off to enjoy my last full night on the islands 😘


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