Life of a Yoga Mama

life with a two-year-old is not about balance. it’s not about winning the fight or teaching them right from wrong or about keeping the house clean and parent “properly”. None of these at all! Life with a two year old is all about keeping your sanity!! Two year olds are learning to express themselves as well as how the world reacts to them and how they interact in the world. This can be trying, difficult, and hard to handle at times, but my yoga practice allows me to keep my cool when I want to yell, keeps me flexible physically and mentally when it is needed, and reminds me to stop and breathe.

There re are days I don’t get a physical practice in, there are days when Bug and the dogs join me on the mat, and there are times when my toddler shows me the life lessons I need to work on. No matter which of these is happening, I love being a yoga mama. Showing my son the importance of my self care, what yoga means to me as well as being present with him more often. I still often fail to be completely present 100% of the time we spend together and I use PBS Kids to shower or do dishes. Just as I often “fail” at crow pose, I realize that being a mama is just like experimenting with new poses. Each time I try and fail, I learn something. I learn what works and what doesn’t, I learn how to be a better yogi and a better mama.

Funny, just a few years ago I wrote an article about how falling is fun… And falling/ “failing”  is fun in a whole new way with being a yoga mama.




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