yoga poses to de-grinch-ify!


I found this old post as I was going through all my blogs, since it’s almost Christmas… Enjoy!

Whether someone who loves to sing “Silver Bells” while baking holiday cookies or you prefer to enjoy peace and quiet (possibly celebrating in your own way) during this time of year, either way you should be feeling happy and light hearted NOT cranky or annoyed. So if you are finding yourself a bit more in the mean spirit, preferring to root for Ebenezer Scrooge instead of Tiny Tim or The Grinch instead of the Who’s down in Who-ville, well maybe a it’s time to peep into your chest and create the space to make YOUR heart grow three sizes bigger!

Chakravakasana (Cat/Cow pose): Front heart, Back heart.. either way you are opening up the spine, the hips and the heart! If this move isn’t warming up your heart strings, then when you bring the hips and head up ROAR or pretend you are breathing fire onto those carolers that won’t seem to leave your block!

Purvottanasana (Reverse Plank Pose): Hands pressing into the

Reverse table for one!
Reverse table for one!

ground, shoulders rolled back, and heart shining towards the sky, what better way to peel back your defenses and let your heart rock! Still feeling that block of ice around your heart? Then bend your knees, plant your feet and you have reverse table. Or as your 6 year-old self may remember CRAB! You can take your crabby self and crab walk your way outta here.

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2): Feet planted on the ground, lunging, and you’re a fierce warrior! If this doesn’t scream holiday spirit than come on! Whether you are holding strong in your values, in your passions, or aiming for higher goals, Warrior Deux is a great standing pose to help you feel strong! Shoulders back, heart lifted! Still not feeling it? “Pull the bow back” and take aim at your neighbors silly flashing reindeer, inflated snowman or ridiculous Saint Nick on the roof top, pretending to shoot arrows at each one, be sure to take turns on each side!

Camatkarasana (Wild Thing/Rockstar Pose): This is not only the

Wild thing, you make my heart sing
Wild thing, you make my heart sing

ultimate ROCKSTAR pose, but it’s a mighty heart opener. In fact, if you’re heart isn’t open, “flipping your dog” can be a challenge… Heart STILL too small? Hey come on! Give it a try, if there is a pose to open you up, this is IT, but in case it’s not, pretend you are a bridge.. start singing “London Bridge is falling down” as you drop your booty to the floor and curl into a little ball! Or when you flip into Wild Thing, think of yourself as a firework (or if you are feeling destructive a block of C4) exploding into your backbend!

Savasana (Corpse Pose): Dude! If none of the above seemed to have peeled open your heart, well then you might as well lay down for some yoga nap time! Not feeling sleepy or like taking a “rest”? Well, then pretend you are a zombie, waiting to rise up from the dead… and if that isn’t you’re cup of tea then I GIVE UP!! I’m going to bake cookies, put on my Muppets/John Denver Christmas record, and laugh!

So maybe your inner Grinch is gone and your Bah-humbug has transformed into a “hip-hop hooray!” Or maybe the Grinch is feeling a bit more bendy! Either way, some soothing forward fold are great, perhaps a little child’s pose or standing forward fold to let the spine reset. After all with your heart three sizes bigger, you may need a little more folding into yourself to let the heart shine a bit more!



*As always, listen to your body and breathe in each pose. If something doesn’t feel right, back off! You should never be hurting yourself to “get into a pose”. If you have questions about how to get into a specific pose you are struggling with, go to a studio and talk to a teacher. One on one or privates sessions are great ways to learn what works for your body in a supported manner.


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