Bah-humbug Yoga!

Are you tired of hearing about the holidays yet? Feeling like egg nog and cheer justaren’t happening for ya? Did you get irritated at my 5 moves to Un-Grinch-ify? Well here it is…. Just what you’ve been waiting for… Yoga Moves to Bring out the Grinch! Damn right, I want to bring out the Bah-humbug in YOU! I know this all sounds contrary to 1) the spirit of yoga and b) the spirit of the holiday… but if anything yoga teaches us to be honest with ourselves and to be present with the emotions and feeling that come up. SO I say claim the feeling, acknowledge the bah-himbug, and embrace it! Without further explanation or pause, 3 moves to charge up YOUR inner Grinch!

Eagle Pose (Garudasana)- This standing pose will have you all twisted up, literally!! It’s chair pose, it’s cow faced pose, and it’s standing, hold it long enough and that heat build you build will be enough to ignite some bah-humbug attitude. BEWARE if you are having troubles finding the balance, because that will be a quick route to Grinch-ville, I won’t tell you to smile through it, but breathing IS ALWAYS KEY.

Yoga Squat/ Garland Pose (Malasana)-

Tight hips, heels barely reaching the floor,yoga squat can be frustrating for those who have tight knees or quads. BEWARE: if you can’t get your booty to hover above the floor without spurring a slew of curse words because of your knees and thighs.. Hop into chair instead! Your core and gluts will be burning after a few breathes, but your knees will thank you (make sure the knees are jutting past the toes in either pose!) Want to bring it up a notch? Squat and raise your arms over head. In chair, move with the breathe, arms over head on the inhale, exhale sweep them back by the hips.

Half splits/Full Splits (Hanumanasana)- Half splits, full splits it don’t matter this leg and hip opener can be a doozy! With proper padding under the knee and some breathing (possibly crying or sailor mouth, you know it happens and you may need to bah0humbug your way through this pose), holding this pose for a few minutes can have you all riled up in no time! BEWARE: props may be needed and it’s not a shameful moment to be supporting yourself in this pose! After all, Grinchy is one thing, but turning yourself into Tiny Tim is no good!

Any challenging pose can make you say BAH-humbug! Like when you’re taking a class and the teacher wants you to hold warrior II for what feels like an eternity, while that may make you angry or bring up sh*t…


Sit with it, move through it, but don’t run. Just like your frustration with the holidays or maybe your seasonal affective disorder, sit with it. Notice how you are feeling and figure out what is what. Maybe you just need some sunshine and maybe your quads are just a hair bit tight, either way knowledge is power. So know and accept!







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