New Moon intentions

as you may know, this is the last new moon of 2014 and paired with the winter solstice, well hot damn it’s a good time to make shit happen!

i was going to try to get this out in a newsletter, but being a parent sometimes takes front seat.  So, here is some amazing news and some sweet offerings I’ll be a part of in 2015 😉

drumroll please…

eight limb//life
eight limb//life

I am pairing up with Nancy Adler from Flying Yogini to offer a year long e-course, eight limb//life! Nancy and I are busy ladies as we are pretty sure you are as well, this e-course is designed in two week intervals with email prompts, a secret sangha support on Facebook, encouraging you to explore yoga beyond what you do in the studio or on the mat. Of course, asana is part of the eight limb//life so there will be a week spent on it in April!

Registration begins today, click over to my Courses page for more info and the link to sign up! Please feel free to email me with any questions blissedbetty at and I truly look forward to exploring the eight limb//life journey with YOU




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