End of the year!

this time of year is a mixed bag for me. I LOVE the holidays, the festivities and the decorations, but there is always a little sadness that comes along with the end of the year. This year has been trying, like many others have experienced 2014 was a bit of a roller coaster. All I can say is that 2015, you may have some up hill battles, but I know midway through, I’ll have you in my grasp! Smooth sailing in my future 🙂

it’s amazing how a year shapes up. 2014 I did a lot, added more classes, wrote a book, taught again at the Wanderlust Fest, and have plotted a year long e-course which is a project dear to my heart. Seriously, this year has been a great exploration of my off the mat yoga practices. Parenthood or life is a great teacher and they will remind you that yoga isn’t just about how fancy your asana is, oh no! Life has other plans and you know that.

any ways, I’m greatly looking forward to what ever adventures 2015 has hidden within its beautiful folds, but I know fo’sure that what ever is going to happen, I am at the helm! Ready for the go!

what are you ready to let go of in 2014? What do you already have mapped out for 2015?




One thought on “End of the year!

  1. Our 2014s sound very similar! And my son’s nickname is Bug too… hmmm. Parallel lives. Check out my book and I’ll check out yours. : ) Is it published?

    Dancing in the Bamboo Forest: A Travel Memoir (about the year I lived in India studying and teaching yoga)

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