Simple rituals to keep warm


I admit, I don’t like the cold. My pitta body likes the heat, likes to be warm, so when the temperatures plummet and the days are grey, I fall back into some lovely warm rituals! Today is tea or really any hot beverage.

I admit, the only time I really drink tea is in winter, I’m much more of a coffee drinker. But as the days are grey and cold, I find myself in need of a change up, a switcharoo! Tea is a great way to bring a little tropical or a little spice into my day while allowing my imagination to wander and my hands to warm. On the third or forth grey day, hot hibiscus mint tea makes me think of Hawaii. On any day below 40 degrees, I prefer the spicy warmth of chai with honey. I make a big pot and refill my cup all day long. The first cup is always a bit of a ritual, light a candle, sit still, inhale the sweet aroma. Sip. Enjoy!

Tomorrow I’ll have some ways to keep your skin happy and remind you that summer is always around the corner.

Ps, here are a few links to some of the best chai recipes I have found:

Recipes all vary a little, I like mine with a little extra ginger! Enjoy!


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