It’s a beautifully warm day here, I couldn’t ask for anything better! There is definitely a reason I live south, 75 degrees in January and the sun sets around 6pm (seriously, I could never thrive in a place where the sunsets at 4pm during winter, yikes!)

There is comfort in warmth, security, and joy. I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to walk to get bug from school (3 minute drive, 11 minute walk from my place… So close!) and then once he fell asleep for his nap to venture upstairs to do a little yoga in the sunshine. I’m not usually a “practice in my sports bra” type, but my skin is in desperate need of some vitamin D!!







“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”- grateful dead

For the last 10 days my mom has been here, so yesterday and today have been great to get back into the flow. Finding Santosha (contentment) in the light, in the simplicity of doing laundry, in having the house to myself while bug is in school. There is contentment and peace in some solitude, in my cup of coffee (at an ever increasingly early wake up time that Bug keeps testing), in a sunny day, in blooming tulips. Life doesn’t always have to be a bowl full of cherries or rose tinted, but I’m choosing to be content by the little things in my every day that remind me how amazing life can be. It’s these little things that keep reminding me that life is amazing. It’s these little joys that also keep the good stuff flowing my way! The joy and gratitude I feel allows me to shine, even on grey days.

How do you find joy? Can you see contentment in your every day life?
What brings you joy?


One thought on “Warmth

  1. Oh how I long to live south and feel the warmth all year round! I know I’m born and raised Canadian, but this winter stuff isn’t for me. Cold, snowy, AND the sun setting at 4 pm are definitely not enjoyable… for me anyways. 🙂 I find joy in the sun, at the beach, outdoors, reading, in moments of solitude, and while writing. So, I can’t wait for spring to get here for more outdoor moments!

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