When you love what you do

as you’ve heard me say, oh I don’t know a million times by now, I have been working hard on the first section of the e-course I am doing with Nancy of Flying Yogini, it has been so much fun putting it all together. It has also made me not feel like writing here (sorry!), which is unfortunate. 2015 is the year for me to write more (here and any where else I can!), so these last couple weeks have left me with not a lot to share.

That being sad, I have been loving the work//the writing. Honestly, it’s been a great reminder of how much I actually practice yoga without being on the mat 😉 There is beauty in experiencing joy and little reminders of what I love about yoga. I love that so much of my practice is about softening and letting go of not only what I can’t control, but of things that aren’t meant for me (non-coveting, yea I told you! I have been spending a lot of time with the Yamas and Niyamas). There are delights in our days that miss because we are looking else where, this week I some how just noticed that Bug is growing up too fast. That I am on the cusp of some amazing shit that seriously will rock my world. I have been so caught up in a loss that I experienced that I couldn’t see anything else. As I was writing my parts of the Yamas and Niyamas, it allowed me some reflection, some space to truly see what joys and contentment surround me. There is sweetness in surrendering to what is, that sweetness is peace.

It’s not that we see a cup half full or half empty, but that we see there is a cup in front of us. Sadly, this reminds me of someone a knew once. He would argue with his wife about which way the toilet paper was meant to go on the bar, he sad top over /she top down. At the time, this was in my 20’s and my response was “who cares, you have toilet paper!” Be thankful, you have what you need, a glass of water wand paper to wipe your booty!  Sure. You may wonder what this really has to do with yoga, well friends everything. You see, you already have everything you need, what you want is at your finger tips. You just need to see that it is there and be thankful of it. Be thankful for your breath, for when it is gone so will you be. Thankful to be able to move your body, because it will be a sad day when you won’t be able to move. Give thanks for your dreams, which means you haven’t stopped living or working towards your goals.  Being thankful is a way to say to the universe//God that you want more of this. What are you thankful for and can you take a good look at all that you have?

don’t worry, I will be writing much more!



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