The yoga of 5:30am

My mornings are not mine. They aren’t started when I am ready, when I’m rested, there aren’t slow or mindful.

My days are basically started with a jarring “MOM, wake up! Wake up, NOW.”

From there it’s a blur of trains, making coffee if I can, encouraging breakfast, or as a last resort turning on PBS and closing my eyes for just a few minutes.
All before whisking the bug off to school by 9. This morning I had a different view of it all, it was all yoga. Being focused and present (as I could be for not going to bed until 11pm), focusing on peace and being content with spending time with Bug in the darkness of the morning, allowing a bit of surrender (I think of westerns, thank you daddy, and bad cop movies, instead of saying ‘I give up’, surrendering just sounds so much more majestic! Like “I’ll stop struggling against you and go with the flow”… Ok, I’ll get back to it!) to the fact that I won’t be going back to sleep anytime soon. This part of yoga, living it, breathing it, seeing it in playing trains or sipping coffee or writing this piece, it’s moments like this that are all “ahhhhhhhh” light bulb moment!! Yoga is about being present. Our asana practice sparks the light to shine on these moments.

Being present is what yoga at 5:30 in the morning is all about. Where do you find yoga?




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