Satya//the truth//my truth


the truth. my truth, there are many faces of this to share, many truths to be told. but we will start simply.

this morning the day started with play and laughter, a inspiring online conversation that left me feeling hopeful. being inspired doesn’t happen often. I didn’t grow up with heros, but I enjoy being inspired by a few people who aren’t all yogis. my inspiration has been slowly changing, as I grow and change, i am finding less inspiration from yogis who rock amazing poses. instead I am finding it with non-yogis, people who are discovering yoga off the mat, and people finding the complexity in “simple” poses. the morning convo was hopefully and reflected a lot of the changes I hope to see in the practice as well as being with someone I find to be always encouraging that change. sadly, it was online and they deleted all the comments as if it wasn’t worth having up. it broke my heart a little.

shortly after, bug and I were walking to school this morning, it is a simple joy in my day. walking

Sunny days
Sunny days

through the ‘hood, watching trucks (especially on garbage pick up day), and always looking for the moon. on our walk, I shared that the moon is almost always out (even if we can’t see it, the moon can be seen some where else), day or night. we talked about how the moon goes through phases, just like all things in life, sometimes we are full. other times we are waning and feeling smaller, life is full of phases with a consistency of change. I am in a waxing phase, things are building, regardless of what little set backs I experience. there is a fullness in my future and I refuse to see it in any other way. I feel blessed to know that life is cyclical, that I AM cyclical. on my walk home, pulling an empty wagon, I was delighted to give thanks for our walks, for my time with bug, and for getting to work with one of my inspirations and a best friend who shares the vision of yoga becoming mor of an off the mat practice. it feels good to know that the work I am doing is what my heart needs, that my truth is I have found what I am looking for and I didn’t even know I was looking for it. my truth is that I am the moon, the sun, and the stars…. I am infinite and that is the truth!

xo, liz


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