it’s in the little things


I had wanted to write this last night after I got home from teaching, but the little one was having nightmares when I got home. So my attention was needed elsewhere. As I held Bug through his tears, I had the chance to step back and look over my day. While the day was nothing necessarily special, it came to my attention that a very good friendship I have now all came about by extending a little help before I really knew her. She of course helped me in return (she offered to watch Bug a couple mornings so I could get out of the house and she made a little extra money by walking Bug to the park to play on the swings. A win-win deal!), but I learned just how much she needed that little extended love.

Our days are filled with many exchanges with people, often ignored, but there are many ways to turn your day into little “hugs”. A smile, “good morning” or “good afternoon”, buying someone a cup of coffee, simply just listening to someone.

In the reverse, if we are abrupt or short or rude, that also can be sent out to others. Not listening, being short or ignoring someone, interrupting, or showing up late. These little things may not feel like a lot, but to the other person, it could feel disrespectful or hurtful. Sure, you may not even realize you acted this way, but it sends out a vibe, a energy that says “I don’t care about others”. Again, that may not matter to you, but seeing as how we are all connected ( and what you send out you get back), wouldn’t you want to send out a message of love?

We all have bad days or are in a rush or just completely consumed with something else, but consistently sending out the “I don’t care about others” vibe, could bite you in the booty when you are in need of help. Take a moment today and check yourself (before you wreck yourself, sorry I couldn’t help it!) to make sure you send out smiles, gratitude, and look for opportunities to help others if you can!

It is the little things that can make the difference for someone, even if it’s just “seeing” someone and saying hi. You never know who’s day you are going to make!



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