Satya//eight limb life

Life is funny sometimes!

Yesterday started the Yamas off with ahimsa//non-violence, I had planned on this beautiful post about how treating yourself fabulous turns into you treating others well. This post came into my mind while I was trying to get Bug down for a nap, he protested by instead of lying down next to me, he crawled onto my head and jumped up and down. Ahimsa, clearly I’m not teaching my child the basics of not hurting others.

Today, we play in truth. As always, there are many truths, but right now the truth is I’m out of whack! I am no guide in a balanced life, I am taking today to discover what it would take to BE in balance. My truth is, each part of my life feels separate from each other, but that I’m not exactly doing any one part well. Mama. Teacher. Partner. Liz? Aren’t I all and none of the above?

Truth is a beautiful eye opener, even if you don’t want to see what the truth shows. I have pen and paper ready for me as soon as I hit “publish” here to dig deeper into my truth. What are my needs? My wants? And how do I fill my cup and keep it going? What habits do I need to resurrect?



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