Moderation, pause, letting go

When holding hands for others on their journey, you better have your bags packed, because you are going too!

As the eight limb//life Yamas &Niyamas continues, I am amazed at everyone’s insights and exploration, it has encouraged my own reexamination. Each day they dig a little deeper, each day I look at what’s happening in my life off the mat. Brahmacharya//restraint or I like moderation, is an interesting piece that I don’t often think about. As a mama, really my indulgence is coffee (of course YOU already know that), but it’s also a necessity. I’ve spent some time this week exploring my yoga practice off the mat and what has really become clear to me is that I need to be clear before I take action. Meditation has become more important in my day, it allows me to focus on what I want vs chasing after everything shiny that pass me by.

Today’s day of moderation (only one cup of coffee for me) has given me the space to pause and reflect or relax when I feel tired. With that bit of space to sit still, I have given myself space to see what if I’m chasing glitter or gold (oh come on! That’s a great analogy for things that distract us vs things that are worth are time). I’ve discovered what it glitter now and what is gold. How are you finding your yoga practice off the mat today?

Ps, one cup of coffee is ok, but I do miss it!!!


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