Living or existing

the last few days have been wild. Ok, so maybe it’s been more like ten days since the e-course for the Yamas/Niyamas I’m co-hosting started, but life is reminding me of so much in the most beautiful ways.

With the rainy cold weather, movies have been my go-to “I don’t want to do ANYTHING” move, so of course I watched my favorite “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and I ended up watching “Fault in our Stars”. First off, remind me to never EVER watch a movie about terminally ill children (teens included), because that =tear fest!! And then last night, I went out and saw the Broadway production “Once” (which if you haven’t seen it’s amazing, if you watched the movie then you know!) and it dawned on me!!! All signs are pointing to LIVE.

You may wonder what these three movies/shows have to do with the Yamas/Niyamas or even yoga in general. You’re right to question😉 but perhaps you are forgetting ONE little thing. Yoga is everything! It’s beyond moving your body, inhaling and exhaling, or meditating. Your yoga practice is HOW you live, a guide to really live!! 

The Yamas/Niyamas are there to slap you across the face and say “listen here! Don’t waste your time hurting others or lying to yourself. Stop wanting other people’s lives and go live your own. And oh, by the way, check yourself before your wreck yourself. If you don’t take care of you, no one else will and you won’t have a life to live.” Our practice of you is far beyond the f&cking studio, can you see that yet?  This life we have is meant to be lived, to know joy, to feel pain (but not get caught up in either), to fail, to succeed, to love and be loved. If your yoga practice isn’t already showing you that, it may be time to open your eyes and your heart to really see what it is you are doing with this life of yours.

Movies are often reminders or inspiration to quit that shitty job, to take that trip you’ve been postponing, or to say I love to the person you’re too scared won’t love you. Or maybe you are like me and you enjoy the beautiful crooning of Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” as a reminder to not let your life be unlived. What is calling your heart? What are you ‘caught up’ in that is distracting you from your hearts desires? 

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Thanks Mary Oliver for asking, I’m going to LIVE




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