Positive Energy Exchange

In the shadows, sometimes we see ourselves clearly😍

so despite the title, this post isn’t that far from my usual playful (yet enlightening 🙂  ) posts. I have been thinking about this post for the last or so, but something happened yesterday that really allowed me to see this concept in full swing.

Pour daily interactions either make us feel full or they leave feeling exhausted. sometimes you can feel indifferent or neutral about a person or a job, but mostly you are either feeling like there is an equal give or like you dread going some place, meeting someone, or doing the work. Have I confused you yet? There are jobs/people in our lives that don’t want us to succeed, there may be a vocalization of “yes, good for you, go get ’em”, but then your funding at work gets cut. Or your friend, instead of celebrating and asking you for more den encounter. ails, changes the subject back to them. This is what I’m talking about, coming from a “lack” mindset. I don’t have, so you can’t either. I’m not doing well, so I won’t acknowledge that you are either. This to me is a form of stealing, of taking from you what you have earned or worked for, asteya// non-stealing is one of the tenants of the Yamas and this includes leaving you feeling exhausted or negative after an encounter! 

last time drinking coffee from the coffee bean.

 what would a positive energy exchange look like?

Have you worked some place that supposed your success, that every day you went home thinking ” hell yes! I love my job, I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!” Or walked away from a coffee//lunch date with a friend with more ideas and inspiration than you walked in having? Who is the first person you call to share news with, good or bad? Likely that person is someone who lifts you up or encourages your dreams. These are the people, the places you want to work, because at the end of the day, you are giving as much as receiving. You are encouraged to succeed and dream big.

Sure, not every job is going to support your desire to change the workforce or move up the ladder, same as every friend isn’t going to share in your accomplishments, but the more time you spend with people who view life from the “lack” perspective ( I don’t have what you have or there isn’t enough for everyone), the more likely it will start to rub off on you. You will start to believe there isn’t enough for you, that someone else’s success takes away from yours, and that you are not enough. The truth is, there us more than enough love/money/food/hugs for YOU! That your success makes my success possible, because you are living your dreams! You are enough, always have been. Always will be. ” no ones you-er than YOU”.

Stop stealing from yourself, stop letting others steal you spark/your joy. Practice a little asteya and let go of the lack! I know I am and the possibilities feel endless!



One thought on “Positive Energy Exchange

  1. Yes! Yes! I’ve been dealing with a lot of this lately. Of feeling drained and stolen from. I’m working to let go and move on from those encounters as unscrambled as possible. It’s hard! Thank you for writing this. Love you!

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