The yoga of being

I talk/write a lot about the pause, taking a moment of stillness and just being. Whether that be with a morning cup of coffee or tea, perhaps sitting and just watching the bug play, or standing tall in tree pose, I have recently really enjoyed pausing. Maybe it’s the beauty of how everything slows down in a pause, that the moment seems to linger. Or just how alive I feel now matter how simple the action, slowing down for a moment and just being is an amazing and powerful ability. 

I was talking to a friend the other morning about how he isn’t digging the flow and go of what used to be his favorite class. That the teacher was cueing inhale and exhale so quickly that he had to question her on how fast she thought they were breathing. As he was sharing this story, I couldn’t help but grin, pausing is important everywhere! When life is fast paced and our practice is fast paced, there is no relief from the hurry! There is possibly a brief reflection of “oh that was awesome”, but it can’t fully be registered because you are already on to the next thing. Taking time each day to practice the yoga of being is in much need these days 😉

Can you take a moment when you wake up and firmly plant your feet on the floor and be for a pause? I know my mornings are a rush usually, so I don’t practice this as much as I would like. When was the last time you walked into work and paused before you opened email or checked messages just to breathe and take in the day at hand? Pausing mid day is amazing too, lunch is often a rushed meal. So much so that the taste of the meal may even go unnoticed. 

Starting a practice of being, of pausing and just living a moment is not always easy, but it is well worth it. A deep inhale and exhale is a great way to refocus. Close your eyes and notice your other senses, slow down! I dare you to pause today and just be for a few moments. Be you, be present, be thankful, and enjoy!


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