Yoga of in the moment

Sit still…

Sit still…

Find stillness!

Damn woman, sit fucking still.

This has been happening for weeks, first thought of the day and through out my day. There is a lot of distraction these days, spring break for the Bug means playing all day with no real time to myself. I find more social interaction these days on social media than in my day to day (that is say to say/write out!) leading to NOT stillness. 

Each day I wake up with the message and like an unanswered call the message on my voicemail is the same, sit still. I know I need it and feel the need in every cell of my body, I try. I’m not afraid of what I will find in the stillness, if that is what you are thinking. I need those answers, that reality, that peace of mind. Life just keeps taking over and I know I just need to set aside the time. 

That is it, taking time for myself when the needs of everyone else seems so much more pressing! Which always leads to yoga in the moment. Sending peace and love to myself and those I love when I feel frazzled, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, pausing. Maybe a down dog, but usually my practice of yoga is about being present to the moment. 

Will today be the day I answer the call for stillness? Let’s hope, but if it’s not I won’t be upset or let it drag me down. There’s too much to be present for to let it bother me that today wasn’t the day.


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