Wearing malas and washing dishes!

it’s a funny thing. 


I, being the house holder/yoga mama that I am, have the joy/chore or washing dishes daily. Like laundry, it feels never ending, but I try my best to use it as a chance to do moving meditation or check in with myself or do some breath control (and a movie often keeps laundry fun too). Being present with these mundane chores is a challenge, but so much of a joy too. 

The other day I realized though that I was washing dishes with my malas on (rosewood, one Rose Quartz, and one bracelet Bug made with me) and I had a little freak out. Here I was scrubbing dishes and getting my malas all soapy and *yucky*. I took them off and placed them by the sink. Being the treasure hunter that he is, bug snatched them up as I was loading dishes into the dish washer. 

Days later and after much frustration, I found the in his treasure/fishing tace box amongst our ocean and mountain finds. It’s during the absence time that I came to realize that the purpose of (my) malas is to be worn every day regardless of the activity. They are reminders of intentions, of loved ones who may have gifted the tokens of love, and remind us to take practice off the mat! 


So bath time (bug’s not mine), washing dishes, or gardening, my malas stay put as a reminder of my intentions: to always come from a place of love and compassion, to embrace my warrior and soft mama self, and to be an example for my boys. After all, we all need little reminders, even elbows deep in bubbles and dirty dishes!

Why do you wear malas?




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