Holy Sh!t, or it’s been too long

since i have written anything. At all. Like nothing. Not journal entry nor any notes of what I have been thinking about writing. 

This morning is all about this:


This is my right now. Sitting while the house is still a mess, while there is laundry to be washed and dishes to be done. 

This is my priority after a week of Bug at home, half the time sick and the other half off school. This is what I NEED, to sit with all that I need in front of me and write. To dig deep within and share, what I know I do best. Hold space for myself and for my fav writing partner, to sit in quiet contentment, and pour my soul out. 

This. This is my Monday. And this is my yoga. Today I am starting with me and there will be more to follow on the next day or two. To appease y’all, here are some pics of all that has happened since I last posted:

  These two are thick as thieves 

  Taught my first yin yoga class

   Feverish boy and his pup on my bed

  Lots of teaching, growing my tribe

 Yes, that’s a baby bump! Coming soon!

Hope that holds you over for the next day or two until I can get all the writing out of my heart and head into words.




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