Why we need restorative 

stillness can be scary, sitting quietly with your feelings and experiences, finding discomfort and breathing through it, and trusting props//the floor//the universe to support and hold you. 

These are the principles in all of the restorative classes I teach, an encouragement to “come home”, to experience this body we live in every day of our lives. Our bodies aren’t the enemy or something to whip into shape, they are like our homes. They need care, cleaning, love, and attention. Restorative, yin, even slow flow can allow you to really experience your body in a different way than power, flow, or vinyasa. 

So why stillness? Why not find that same peace in a flowing practice? 

  You can find that peace in a flow, but some asana//poses work better when you hold them for longer than a breath or 90 seconds. After all, we are so trained to leave a pose the moment we get antsy or start to go deeper. Instead, when we stay, we invite the body to release the old patterns we hold in the body, to release tensions, and we can release the mental chatter we have about tension or that part of our body. (“My hamstrings are tight because blah blah blah” or “exposing my heart will just lead me to pain” or “I’m not good enough to do that”, all these thoughts serve NO purpose but to discourage you.) That stillness and support can help you feel if you are clenching in a pose or if you tend to “fear” going deeper. That stillness and support can also be a great way for you to really feel the places that are actually open. 

You don’t just have to practice ONE type of yoga, often styles compliment each other creating more space in your body and improving your asana practice. 

I’d love to hear what you love about restorative or why you have hesitation in trying it 🙂




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