Remover of Obstacles

the beautiful Ganesh at the Sukha Yoga Studio!
let’s be honest, you probably have come across this elephant headed deity at least once in all your time on the mat and in the studio. whether it be a painting, a statue, or perhaps even mention of his name…. Ganesha.

this guy seems to be showing up in all aspects of my life.

when i was 8 months pregnant with Bug, i had a yoga friend suggest to me that i should learn, memorize, and get in the habit of chanting the mantra to Ganesh (after all, removing all obstacles when you are preparing for the unknowns of labor sounds like a perfectly normal idea to ANY yogi). the words were foreign in my mouth since i will admit that i hadn’t done much chanting since singing the Gayatri mantra during YTT. i listened to recording after recording of the mantra, trying to perfect it, just in case that mattered (and like all prayers, we get caught up on the words we use instead of the intentions we set within them) when i used them in my time of need. it in fact didn’t matter that my pronouncement was probably bad, because when i labored through the night, the words flowed easily in whispers as each contraction came.

i share this now (two and a half years later), because lately i find myself slipping into the chant easily. washing dishes, doing laundry, bath time for Bug, common every day chores are now whispers and silent prayers that all flows smoothly, that my path is cleared. not just for an easy birth ( but who am i kidding?!!? i’ll fucking take a easy birth ANY day), but for easy transitions into this *new* life. ease into life with a newborn again and the lessons i will learn from this baby guru. ease into teaching others self-care throughout this pregnancy and after, but also finding that self-care for myself.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

may my path be clear, my lessons learned quickly, and may my life be ever fruitful!

and as an added little bonus, here is the video i watched, oh half a million times!


2 Replies to “Remover of Obstacles”

  1. i need to come visit your class since i feel like i know you – um… through the internet and all. đŸ™‚ I’ve started the teacher training at sukha!

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