C’est la vie

this week has been a blur!

i can honestly say I have really no concept of the day or date ( I just wished my brother a happy belated birthday and his response was “Liz, you didn’t miss it! It’s tomorrow!”), sure I’m pregnant and I’m given some room to spaces out, but this week in particular I just can’t catch my breath.

Whidh is funny, because we are wrapping up week two//pranayama for eight limb//life and well irony! What I can say is this: the weather has been sucky, but everything is great for us. No flooding and the trees were trimmed recently so all good there. Also, after this round of eight limb//life I’m taking a social media break. Just a few days. I’m hoping after this weekend my brain will be refreshed to write some blog posts in advance so y’all will have something to read from me 🙂 after all, I love writing and I know I want to do more of it! Especially while I can.

but the current state of things is that bug is hogging my bed, while I type up a quick blur before crashing myself. My how this little boy has grown! If you haven’t seen our fun video on IG of us “doing yoga” it’s pretty funny. For tonight, I leave you with thoughts of blue sky and hopes//dreams yet to come true!

Sweet dreams lovelies

In between storms


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