Writers block

there is so much happening, but not a lot to share right now. I have been meaning to do a snacks and songs post, I’ve been meaning to share more of my evolution, but the time to sit and write right now isn’t there. And when it is, I stare at the screen wondering where to begin. There are multiple parenting is yoga posts I could share, there are moments in my practice (on and off the mat) that would be lovely as well. These days seem mine though, these moments my memories vs stories to be told, lessons to be shared. 

I have all the intentions to write, but what to share seems to be stopping me. Dear readers, what do want to read? What would you like to be shared? For now, here are a few photos to satiate you, until I can break through the block and write more than this little promise…

   This year our garden has produced SO much more than ever before, all those rains and a mere 90 degrees keeps us happy! Cucumbers 😉

 I got to swim a little and hey look, my pedi hasn’t been ruined yet!     Sunrise, I love this time of day   An accidental photo of us exploring!    “Mom, want me to rub your toes?”  31 weeks, not too bad eh?

xo, Liz 


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