While we wait…

practice patience

so much of our on the mat practice IS patience, we just may not know it/see it. It takes time to: slow down, to learn the poses, to be able to DO the poses, and sometimes just the patience to actually stay in a pose. Our go-go-GO culture doesn’t always encourage us to wait, we want summer bodies NOW,  poses to come easy to us, enlightenment to just happen! The truth is life isn’t that easy and sometimes we have to be patient and wait.

As Tom Petty once said, “the waiting is the hardest part”.

No truer words have been sung or spoken. 

While I wait for baby boy number two’s arrival (and I still have a wait!), there is a lot of space to be found, lounging, yoga, reading, eating, and connecting. Connecting with myself, my heart, and bug. The days are numbered where bug will get all the attention all the time. And while he may not remember being an only child when he is older, I will. So while we wait, I am enjoying my sweet boy. While we wait there are snuggles, hugs, trains (of course), yoga, and memories. 

What are you waiting for? And how will you *pass the time*?




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