Gifts of adornment

about a month ago, I got this beautiful leaf necklace from Bright Star and Buffalo and I honestly haven’t taken it off. If you have been a reader here at all, you know I don’t do sponsored posts very often. And you also know, I don’t wear much jewelry!

There is just something about this beautiful bronzed leaf that speaks to my soul. Every morning, When I first see bug, he touches it and says “shiny leaf mama”. Each day is that opportunity to “turn a new leaf”, that each season in a year the “leaf” evolves/blooms/changes/parishes, this leaf is the symbol of life. The gift that Natalie and Kelse have to bring life and energy into these pieces, there are no words. The symbolism in this simple piece just fills my heart with love and hope every time I catch a glimpse of it in a reflection or my fingers find it around my neck.

We adorn ourselves like an alter, wearing pieces of art or talismans that are signs to others what we hold dear, empower us to be true to ourselves. The jewels and gems we put on are how we choose to express ourselves. Making a statement and wearing things that make you feel beautiful, strong, empowered, these are what we should be putting on daily! 

If you get a chance, go check out this beautiful site and read their story!!! These amazing pieces are charged up!!




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