Sukha Life…

Sorry I have been so silent, it’s just so hard to sit down and write these days. Between being tired from growing a human and chasing a toddler around, well it has been busy. 

Although, today has been a day of catching up and connecting with friends instead of getting stuff prepared for the week, I realize that connecting with my mama tribe and my yoga tribe is what I really need. Making sure we connect to others is so very important, to hear and be heard is an amazing feeling. We think a lot about ourselves and how we can get farther or bigger or better, but the truth is, it is our connections with others that makes us these things. It is when we lift each other up that we too are lifted. We are family!

No where do I feel this is so important than in the yoga community. We are all connected, we as teachers should want our fellows to succeed. Their failure doesn’t mean someone else’s success. In fact, we all can succeed. And this starts with encouragement. I encourage you, I want you to succeed. This human connection, this ability to see others how we see ourselves, how we want to be or how we actually are, life is beautiful and it starts with how we connect with others. 

let me lift you up!




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