All good…

lately, I’ve been a bump on a log πŸ˜‰

Once a day, I’ll do something “big”, but really I don’t have a lot of energy for much these days. Baby boy has yet to make his arrival and I know once he does arrive my body will have the relief it is so craving. These last weeks of pregnancy will be the hardest for me, the extra weight and pressure on my body has me feeling depleted in ways I had completely forgotten. 

Of course all of this is normal, but with this second pregnancy I have been working hard to be present with Bug and give him some quality one on one time. I know life is going to be changed when “Brolly” arrives, I know Bug’s life will change too. It’s easier for me to prepare for the arrival of a new boy, but for Bug to be prepared for something that he can’t quite fully wrap his head around yet now that is a challenge! We talk about it daily and there is a lot of feeling my belly to connect the two boys. Bug particularly loves watching “Brolly” when I am practicing yoga. Nothing seems as amusing or weird to him as seeing movement in my belly πŸ™‚ 

In other news, the third out of four installments of eight limb//life is happening next month! We are digging deep internally with pratyahara and dharana, focus and concentration. It’s seems fitting to be writing about these two things right now as my asana practice has been limited. Even more, I can’t wait until we host the year long event next year and I get to look back at all these posts I’ve written at this time in life!! If you’re interested in joining us, let me know!!

 Also, my restorative workshop was such a success that I have decided to offer it every quarter!! Saturday November 7 will be the next one 1:30-4pm all happening at Sukha Yoga Austin. 

   Feeling very preggo today

 But still pretty bendy!
   From my workshop, surrendering completely

 Still got it, strong but soft!

I’ll keep y’all updated as stuff happens πŸ˜‰




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