“Be here now”- ram dass 

I have been thinking a lot about this line from yoga nidra that keeps popping up in my head: ” be here now, as if you have no place to go and nothing to do”. Why does that feel so possible at times?

And even more, why do these last days of pregnancy have so much to do with patience and presence? I mean, having a toddler is already an fear of both those attributes, now I’m doubling down! More patience, MORE presence. Alas. These are the lessons of life, right?

I have tried busy days, do nothing days, fun filled days with Bug, the surrender to it all day, I have had the power surge day and the eat everything in sight day. today I am opting for a ordinary day. A day of work (the next round of eight Iimb//life starts August 23!!!! You should sign up!!), of writing, a midwife appointment, coffee, and a little summer fun. This boy will arrive when he wants to, not a moment sooner. I accept this, I’ll keep telling his sweet soul that life is beautiful and he is safe here. That he is loved and that we all can’t wait until he joins our family. When he is ready, come on in!

For today, I will just be present. The gift to myself, my family, and any one else who I cross paths with…. What are you gifting yourself today?


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