Finding bliss…

It’s been a whole week since Brolly came into this world and I am slowly remembering all the things that mamas need to remember, like never wake a sleeping baby; sleep begets sleep, feeding for 15 minutes will encourage make eating and less playing. There are so many other things that having two means: have things set for the older one so you can take care of the baby. Create a routine as fast as possible, you can’t do it all, and my fav snuggle and love your kiddos the rest can wait.

Unlike when I had Bug, nap time for Brolly does not mean self care time for me. It means time for Bug, solo mom and toddler time. Over time there will be routine and flow, but we are all still getting to know each other. We are still discovering what it means to be a family. And while it may take a while, we are working towards bliss. Which may mean: enjoying the boys first snuggle/hand holding, getting to hold Bug after so long of not being able, or just enjoying whatever the day brings.

Life is change.

Whether it be a new job, a birth, a death, or a new house, change is always happening. We as yogis, practice so that we can always be present to what is happening. To what we feel, to what we want to change or make different. Our practice gives us tools regardless of how good we are at handstands or how many sun salutes we do daily, it is the gift of awareness in how we react to others and to ourselves. Yoga helps us keep the doubt and comparison at bay. And so as I aim to make a new normal, I keep my practice in mind by sitting silently when I can and taking a cat/cow to move my body again and reintroduce myself to myself. All in due time, I’ll be creating my bliss.



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