Creating a life you love

lately (ok, the last 3-5 days), I’ve been thinking about the idea of making a life I love. Not to say that I have a life that I currently don’t enjoy, but you know life goals 😉 

The next few months are going to be all about creating routine and exploring what works for us as a family.  It will also be about creating/living life as this new yoga mama that was born when Brolly arrived. Anyone who thinks that you don’t change when babies enter the world, well I’m sorry, it happens. Part of this will be finding out how my new body moves through yoga poses again as well as getting back into my daily meditation practice. A nursing baby helps with the meditation part at least!

  Being a mama to these sweet boys and teaching restorative yoga are two of my loves, obviously as they go hand in hand (eight limb//life program was inspired by how much yoga there is in life off the mat)! The questions is what does this new life look like for me.

  One thing I love to do is write out where I want to be in one year from now? What would be my dream? From there, I like to Danielle La Porte’s “The Desire Map” to help influence what core feelings I want to create too. Sure. Life can be free form and go with what life throws at you, but it is so much more fun making life work with what you want!

These little boys are great conduits for manifesting and creating a beautiful life. I so want to learn from them and show them the beauty and joy of yoga!

What are you creating these days?




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